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Mission Statement

To actively promote and support the growth of women’s BJJ
To support in the introduction and retention of girls and women in BJJ
To create a place where everyone who is interested in or trains in Brazilian Jiujitsu can feel welcome
To create content which is tailored to females and young girls interested in sport especially Brazilian Jiujitsu
To provide a single destination for women in Brazilian Jiujitsu to network and stay informed about all aspects of the sport
To present real women who practice BJJ in a way which focuses on their athletic prowess, passion and commitment to the sport

Let’s work together

We partner with, collaborate with and provide support in various forms to brands and BJJ clubs who share our ethos and passion for women in Brazilian JiuJitsu. If you would like to talk about organising an event for women in your area or partnering with us to help promote your brand to women in BJJ then contact us.

Brazilian Jiutjitsu in Schools

If you are considering introducing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu into a school you work at, that your children attend or that you have connections with but aren’t sure where to start then we should talk. You can first of all check out the BJJ in Schools page where some useful insights have been shared or get in touch for an informal chat and some support.

About the author

I’m Gemma, and I run this site, the events and all of the social channels.

This is something I do voluntarily in my own time alongside family, a full-time career in marketing as well as BJJ training and competing.

On occasion I’ve had support from some great advocates, coaches and brands, they are mentioned on the site and I’m always grateful for any support or promotion people can provide.

You might ask what experience do I have to run a site like this, to run these events and classes in schools as well as provide support and advice? I’m a woman in BJJ who has the capacity to support the sport and spread the word of women’s BJJ, that’s where this all started. I see opportunities for young BJJ girls to find something they are passionate about and come back to for life and this drives me to keep exploring new ideas and connecting people.

As far as my credentials go they are modest and a work in progress, but isn’t everyone’s jiujitsu journey? I am a BJJ blue belt I train under Carlson Gracie Team UK but they are not affiliated with this site. The work from this site is intended to be for everyone, not one gym affiliation.

I do not teach, of course, I only set up classes or events and connect instructors to people.

I’ve competed countless times in BJJ, lost a lot, won a few and learned so much along the way. I am also a traditional jiujitsu green belt who is actively working toward my blue belt. Also over the last ten years, I have volunteered as an uke a number of times supporting school classes, seminars and workshops.

I’ll blog about my whole journey at some point I am sure but for now I want to share my rich and varied experience with whoever it might benefit. If you have questions or wish to discuss anything on the site or about the activities I run please do get in touch.

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