BJJ Girls kit review rash guard by Raven Review

BJJ Kit Review: Raven Rashguard – Sakura long sleeve

My first rash guard

Possibly the first rashie I bought myself for BJJ and still a favourite today, I would be amiss if I didn’t write about this rash guard.

I believe Raven is an Australian company, their designs are really detailed and the patterns are well positioned on the body which in my opinion makes them look pretty badass on! I personally think they are an under-rated company and don’t get enough of a mention when people are looking for new no-gi kit. So go take a look!

Womens cherry blossom rashguard review – from Raven Fightwear

The good

One of the best bits is the elasticated waist to stop the rashguard from rolling up when you’re going hard at sparring. It’s also a bit rubbery which gives it grip.

As well as the functional aspect the design on this rash guard is lovely and I always get comments on it when I wear it.

The bad

Literally nothing bad to say about this rash guard.

The price

About £36 for the long sleeve but prices may vary so check out their site: Raven Fightwear

The fit

As I said there is a handy elasticated waist.

If you’re wondering what size you need I bought a size M and have worn this all the while my weight has changed. From a size 12 -16 and back again.

It looked better when I was smaller because it is white but the fit remained great and no one sees it under your gi anyway.

The chest

White and stretchy over bigger boobs will always have its issues!!

The arms

I went with long sleeves on my rash guard, I don’t personally like short sleeved rash guards in BJJ, to pinchy and I bruise more.

Life span

5 years strong, still white and the cherry blossom and geisha still look good!!

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