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BJJ Kit review: RVCA rashguard

After about a year of training I went on a trip to New York with family, in true BJJ addict style I added some jiujitsu training and jiujitsu shopping!

After two days of back to back nogi and gi sessions at Marcelo Garcias, I decided I deserved a BJJ spend up! While my sister and nieces were hitting up 5th Avenue I jumped on a bus and went for a wander to a place called East Coast MMA. There I bought 3 new rash guards by RVCA.

RVCA long sleeve rashguard

The good

Simple design that looks good on, their designs are always so simple but effective with a little embellishment on the chest, below the nape and on the arm.

The rubbery VA logo is lasting well after 3 years and not peeling. I have this rash guard in 3 colours, black, blue and red. They all still look strong and haven’t faded. At one point I only wore these to BJJ so they had a lot of washing and rotation.

The bad

They are a bit short but I did buy the men’s fit. I find they move up a bit during sparring and some exercises.
So they probably aren’t short but on a woman’s figure we take up more room!

The price

You’d have to check the RVCA website as I did buy a mans one and it was years ago. They are a fairly pricey rash guard but for 4 years use and great quality, they are worth it.

The fit

Comfortable and thick material so not transparent at all. I little shorter in the body than some rash guards but still good.

The chest

Great fit over curvy figures.

The arms

Long for me as usual and they are a good length.

Life span

4 years, hundreds of washes and counting.
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