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BJJ Kit review – Tatami Nova F Cut Gi

What gi should I buy?

We’ve all seen this question asked so many times. From new women joining a club or someone looking to add to their BJJ kit because, well, I mean 9 is an uneven number so I need another gi to balance it out right? Hopefully this kit review is going to help you make that all important decision.

As women we have a few more assets to take into consideration when purchasing kit. Body shapes are as varied in men as women yes granted, however most kit is designed with men in mind and therefore in addition to the basic size/shape differences between all bodies, women find that not all A cut gi’s provide the best fit to a female figure. Some brands have therefore released F cut gi’s specifically for women. This doesn’t mean that women can’t wear any other type of gi but it throws variety and ultimately questions into the mix.

Here’s some feedback from a BJJ girl, 5′ 5”, 77Kg, who’s training regularly, reviewing the kit I have trained in so that hopefully others can look at it comparative to their body shape and training needs, then go out and buy some kick ass kit.


Tatami – women’s gi Nova F4 – The kit review

When I started BJJ the first gi I ever bought to train in was a Tatami Nova gi. I bought two, one white one blue, because they were the cheapest online and I just wanted to get started.

For 12 months I trained 5 times a week with only these two gi’s. That’s a lot of washing and rolling on any gi, they are now 2 years old and I still train in both.

The good

These are one of the best lower priced gi you can buy in terms of durability and quality.

The bad

Not the best fit for a curvy lady or tall lady. I fight at heavy weight and wear an F4, smaller girls have noted they wear an F4 and after it’s washed it’s a perfect fit for them.

**I have an Estilo Gi in A0 which doesn’t pose these problems, official kit review will be up on the website soon**

The price

Roughly £60 see the Tatami website for full details.

The fit

Its tailored/ tapered and the arms and legs can, at times, be restrictive.

The chest

A tapered fit won’t cover what your mother gave you. It’s fine wear a rash guard.

The arms

Are short and tailored so they becomes hard for others to grip.

The Legs

If you have chunky jodo legs (cycling legs, swimming legs, body builder legs or just I can’t resist cake legs then go a size up in the gi. Especially considering my next point.


Expect shrinkage, it’s not something you can afford in this gi if you want to wear it for IBJJF comps. The sleeves will be too tight and short. Everywhere else, especially on a slimmer build is fine.
Any other comps should be fine check their rules before deciding which gi to compete in.

Life span

Two years and counting, they all dye well if you’re into customise your kit.


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