BJJ girls kit review Rainha

BJJ Kit review: The First Gi – Rainha Fightwear

For a women’s BJJ gi you have to check out Rainha Fightwear. On the First Gi the tops and bottoms are purchased in separate sizes to allow you to great a gi that suits your body shape and I don’t know anyone else offering this service and as women, we need as much flexibility as possible when picking our BJJ kit. They still sell some separate trousers but their model has changed a little.

The Rainha Fightwear gi has evolved since then and you can’t, as far as I know, get the original from their website but their gi’s still follow the same principles that made the first one great.

The trousers offer a little extra room for whoever needs it and the jackets, like other F cut gi’s I have are tapered and don’t feel as square as men’s. However, I don’t think the arms taper in, which in my opinion is better because otherwise, I can’t use it at competition if the space at the wrists is too tight.

Womens cut BJJ gi

The good

Comfy, durable, good butt space and 3 years in the colours are still bold. I bought F5 and it’s got tons of room.

The bad

Tapered jackets and big boobs don’t work I find. While specialising in spacious kit for curvy women with their trousers I do feel a square cut jacket would allow the damn thing to close over my chest.

Also to be clear this isn’t an issue with Rainha Fightwear it’s a thought for all F cut or female-focused gis. When I gained weight or women of a size 16 and up join our gym there is a point they stop being catered for and have to switch to larger men’s gi. Men do have much more choice of kit.

I do appreciate it’s an investment to trial larger sizes if the sales aren’t going to be there but I want to see bigger women get excited about buying kit made for them and not feel they had to compromise or feel embarrassment over having a large size man’s gi. I think we’ll see more change in the market soon.

The price

Just under £100 for an awesome looking and high quality Gi. It’s about the going rate, they are a UK based small business who despite their size offers a high level of service and quick turnaround on orders.

The fit

My trousers are super comfy in F5, actually too big but I wear spats underneath and as women, on days when we need that little extra room it’s like wearing PJ’s.

The jacket is comfy too I just honestly prefer a square cut jacket.

The chest

Tight over the curves for me but I’d be interested in how people with different frames get on.

The arms

Perfect in length even after some shrinkage, and enough gap at the wrists when it’s measured at competitions.

Life span

3 maybe 4 years, quite a few comps and counting.

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