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BJJ Podcast – The Raspberry Ape

If you want a little insight into the BJJ world whether you practice jiujitsu or not, these BJJ podcasts are a great place to start.

Daniel Straus, AKA the Raspberry ape, has a podcast series in which he interviews people from the jujitsu and general fitness community. These podcasts are insightful, funny and appeal to people in and out of the jiujitsu community.

If you’re new to jiujitsu it will give you an insight to its legacy, history and has so much relatable content that you’d be forgiven for forgetting it was a BJJ podcast you were listening to.

Anyone not new to BJJ will already have met or at least heard of most of the names in the series of interviews and the Raspberry Ape digs deep in his line of questioning getting a really personal 1-2-1 experience revealing all sorts of inside secrets and hilarious stories.

Here is a list of the Raspberry Ape’s podcasts featuring either BJJ Girls or females from the sporting industry to get you started:


Leoni Munslow

A BJJ black belt, a national, European and world title holder. Leoni shares her secrets to fitness, nutrition, success and balancing that with a career as a firefighter. Leoni is very genuine and personable, as a BJJ Girl this episode is a perfect first listen.


Chloe Moore

Chloe is a BJJ competitor, she is also transgender. After a heated debate on a private FB group (the BJJ Underground) about whether or not it was fair for transgender women to compete, a debate which made specific reference to Chloe,  she was invited by Dan to come along to share her views and experiences. So much of what Chloe discusses is relatable to all women in BJJ. It’s a very inspirational and informative episode.


Lisa Price

This episode has something we all can relate to; getting outside of your comfort zone! In a break from BJJ specific discussions Dan interviews Lisa who is a competitive strongman, qualified yoga, freediving and weight lifting instructor and sports masseuse.


Other top pics from the podcast.

This one was hard but here’s three that top the list.


Simon Hayes

This episode will have you thinking you are sat in pub with Simon and Dan, listening to stories about Simon’s experience as a BMX champion, his career as an Oscar winning sound engineer and feeling nostalgic about the days of old school Judo.


Donald and Shamus

Donald and Shamus talk about the role they played in getting BJJ officially recognised by the British Army. In addition they talk about the benefits of jiujitsu to help  veterans recovering or coping with PTSD and a project called Roll 2 Recovery. The work that Roll 2 Recovery do in helping veterans in their rehabilitation is commendable. Find out a little more for yourselves and help to spread the word.

For more info on Roll 2 Recovery visit:

For more info on combat stress visit:


Daren Bartlett

This podcast is going to give you an insight into the life within a Gracie family as Daren talks about his 10 years in the making documentary ‘Tradition: The Rise of a Gracie Fighter’.

To watch Tradition visit: