Keeping it real

It’s the aftermath of the first day of the 2017 IBJJF Europeans. Aftermath kinda sets the tone for how things went for me I’m sure you can tell. It was awful, it was short lived but that makes the pill even more bitter to swallow. I should have done better and I didn’t. I didn’t win and I will learn. Now I’m back at my hotel room in Lisbon and I have the urge to write.

Well it has taken a while for me to write the opening article for this site. There is so much to talk about, so much to cover, nutrition, kit reviews, events, so much to discuss when it comes to women’s BJJ that the right starting point was just never apparent.

For those of you that have been following the journey, this brand is now about a year old. You maybe attended an event, saw something shared on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, or hopefully, maybe a patch on a Gi? Thank you for all the support so far, tell all your friends, there’s room for everyone.

One thing that is not always so obvious is who is behind the brand, well that’s me. Having told you that and also having opened this blog reflecting in misery on the outcome of my days performance don’t expect this to be all about me because it isn’t. This website is about you.

I’m sharing this experience as a starting point to help set the standard really and to fulfill a promise that I have made when setting out on this journey; the content shared here will always be real. Real BJJ girls and not models, real fights, real issues, no photo-shop (forgive the odd Instagram filter) and real women represented in a very real way. Therefore, in that vein I wanted to say hello and take a moment to say…

Today has been sh*t

Sorry kids, it was rubbish. It doesn’t get more real than that.

I know we have all been there, if you haven’t you will. I only blame myself, I know I have gained so much in this journey I can’t even begin to recount all my blessings, but it doesn’t take away from the utter crapness felt when I reflect on my poor performance.

The thing is though, I’m not done. I don’t hate jiujitsu, I felt so much pride watching friends and team mates win their fights. Even at my personal lowest points I am happy to be part of this sport.

So here I am, your very average BJJ girl, just like you, working hard on and off the mats to drive forward the sport we love.

To anyone already part of this mad world of grappling and messy hair, or anyone looking for something you can love with passion while being equally as frustrated; Welcome, we have much to talk about.