Ladies only BJJ Classes

Ladies BJJ Classes

There was a question posted on the Brazilian Jiujitsu Girls Instagram page asking for local, women-only classes so that a girl in South West London might be able to try Brazilian Jiujitsu for the first time.

When I reached out to the BJJ community there were responses immediately from gyms across the UK that can accommodate, and I’ve gathered the details and listed them here.

The UKBJJA also have their own find a club page where you can find more Brazilian Jiujitsu clubs in the UK for adults and kids, take a look here: UK Brazilian Jiujitsu Association Find a Club.

List of Ladies only BJJ classes

Here are a few that were mentioned. These gyms offer a combination of closed-off rooms for female training and female instructors, if you wish to attend a class please contact the gym before to ask about their classes.

To add your class to this list please contact us and we will update this list.

Why do some women need a female only space

There are many reasons that women may want to train in a female only class, it can be related to confidence in a male-dominated sport, some may have personal reasons related to prior trauma, there are cultural reasons and in some cases, it’s just preference. In fact, often men and mixed groups will also arrange for specific classes to develop their technique against a more similarly matched opponents, such as an under 75Kg class or an over 80KG class. A ladies only class is based on the same principle – it’s simply a better-matched environment.

Strictly ladies only BJJ classes

More specifically in my request, I asked if there were any women-only classes behind closed doors as I noted the girl who requested wore a hijab. Also having recently spoken to a BJJ Mother who is Muslim and is considering having private classes herself, I realised that this girl and others may also be interested in gyms who have women’s classes that take place completely without men or even behind closed doors. This will allow them to roll one on one with more women, also to have the freedom to roll without a hijab or the fear of it slipping off constantly.

When discussing with people who have suffered physical trauma, domestic violence or sexual assault it has been commented that being back in a vulnerable position such as on your back or under the weight of another person, can trigger flashbacks and anxiety. These positions are a part of BJJ that can’t be avoided and while people want to overcome these anxieties and learn to be stronger on those positions the added pressure of possible panic attacks in a large class is something they would rather avoid. A smaller, female-only environment alleviates some of those stress factors and can provide people the stepping stone they need to get back to becoming a fitter, more confident individual. This isn’t an all-out replacement to mixed gender training, it provides the right solution at a time when it’s needed.

This isn’t supposed to be easy

A tailored class is not an excuse for an easy ride it’s seen by those who attend as an opportunity to develop. Rather than say BJJ is only for those who fit the mould it can be moulded to fit the individual. This is reflected in the grading system, traditionally there is no set grading system such as you might see in other martial arts.

If you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree it will spend its whole life thinking it’s a failure.

BJJ practitioners are graded on a number of criteria, reflecting their individual merit and generally speaking the best way to progress is to get more time on the mats.

You’ll never develop your game

The general consensus from the community is that you should not restrict your training circle so tightly if you want to develop your jiujitsu. However, if you have a specific need or desire to do so it’s positive to note that the jiujitsu community is not exclusive and can also be accommodating.

Rolling in a female only class can provide more opportunities to roll and as such for some girls can speed up their progress as mat time = progress. Personal progression is what everyone in BJJ strives for.