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BJJ girls kit review Rainha

BJJ Kit review: RVCA rashguard

After about a year of training I went on a trip to New York with family, in true BJJ addict style I added some jiujitsu training and jiujitsu shopping! After two

guide to starting bjj

A guide to your first BJJ class

Advice for getting started in BJJ as a woman isn’t really any different than it would be for a man. However, that being said, to help you get over the

healthy cookies

Classic Almond Cookies

You are going to love these easy, classic almond cookies as much as I do. One of my favourite things about BJJ is the sense of community and the way we

Ladies only BJJ Classes

Ladies BJJ Classes

There was a question posted on the Brazilian Jiujitsu Girls Instagram page asking for local, women-only classes so that a girl in South West London might be able to try

BJJ Girls kit review rash guard by Raven Review

BJJ Kit review – Tatami Nova F Cut Gi

What gi should I buy? We've all seen this question asked so many times. From new women joining a club or someone looking to add to their BJJ kit because, well,


Keeping it real

It’s the aftermath of the first day of the 2017 IBJJF Europeans. Aftermath kinda sets the tone for how things went for me I’m sure you can tell. It was